Loyalty Systems

In this competitive market-place, the importance of retaining existing customers is becoming more and more relevant to the success of your online business. Framework Design can implement a system that will build on your customer loyalty.

Often business owners will say that getting customers is one of the hardest parts of business, but keeping them engage and loyal to your brand can be even harder. We know that offering good customer service is important, but that’s not enough anymore.

What are the benefits of a Loyalty Program?

  • Proven to boost growth - loyal customers are the backbone of any business.
  • Cheap & efficient way to retain customers - keeping an existing customer is 7 times less expensive than acquiring a new one.
  • Boosts your reputation - customer satisfaction leads to word of mouth marketing.
  • Increases sales - provide enticing rewards and your customers will buy more, on a more regular basis.
  • Vital market research - by analysing your regular customer response to rewards, you can monitor what works best.
  • Make your customers happy - a happy customer is a good customer. Good customers are loyal.

A recent Forrester report stated that nearly 95 percent of businesses, your competitors, said their number one priority this year is providing a great customer experience. With that many companies providing grade-A customer service, how can a small business or startup even hope to stand out?

MageStore Marketing Extensions for Magento

Reward Points Plus is a proper extension for you to create a favorable loyalty system for Magento that encourages your customers' experiences in your site with these complete set of features.

Standard Features

  • Earning Points Configuration
  • Spending Points Configuration
  • Reward Points Balance Management
  • Point Transactions Management
  • Refund by Points
  • Import/Export Points (New)​

Platinum Features

  • Reward on Customers' Behaviors
  • Reports
  • Refer Friends
  • Points Earning/Spending Rules

Advanced Features

  • Points Transfer
  • Reward On Events
  • Reward On Loyalty Level
  • Reward Point Coupon

Download a full features list

BlurRunnerSolutions for Magento

Whether you’re a boutique hotel with discerning clientele, a university canteen with hundreds of hungry students or a national business with thousands of customers; when it comes to running your business, you need smart solutions that suit you. BlueRunner offers loyalty solutions that increase customer satisfaction, to bookings services that save your business money, or bespoke business services that put you in control.

BlueRunner don’t just work for our clients, we work with them. They use technology to design, create and manage whip-smart, flexible services that can streamline your business, cut your costs and transform curious shoppers into loyal customers. They don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but provide loyalty solutions, booking services and business portals that are as unique as you are.

We have created a custom Magento extension that integrates BlueRunner with the Butlers Chocolates Website.

View the website

At Framework Design we have set up and integrated loyalty systems with several of our clients for their Magento online stores. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation to discuss the best solution for your specific requirements. Call us on +353 (0)1 6675360 or click on the button below to fill in our form.

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"From the outset, we felt that Framework Design had a clear picture of the direction we wanted to take with the new website and a deep understanding of our company and how the design, look and feel and functionality of the website should reflect the Butlers Chocolates brand as a whole. We are delighted to have chosen to work with Framework Design as our website development partners and we look forward to working closely with them on more upcoming exciting projects to enhance our online presence."

Kathy Smyth, Marketing Manager

Butlers Chocolates

"Framework captured the essence of our project. They simplified the whole website building process, making it seamless and provided excellent support throughout. The site has brought us to a new level in terms of design, functionality and conveys a strong brand message throughout. Working with Framework was a pleasure and I would highly recommend them for their design ideas, website design, customer service, response and turnaround time."

- Amanda Dolan, Head of Marketing


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